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The museum's main art gallery serves as a serene backdrop, where visitors are surrounded by sunlight streaming through the windows and surrounded by inspiring artworks and sculptures. A mural created for the Jubilee last month unfolded, a temple took shape, and from the wall unfolds a mural of a young woman in a white dress with a black veil and red robes.

As part of the healing process, five temporary public art installations called Power of Art: Uniting Healing and Creativity were proposed for the Bloomberg Public Art Challenge. Via worked on the winning design, inspired by the art therapy program that the museum began immediately after the shooting. The parishioners participated by placing flowers in frames and erecting sculptures.

This activity by the ceramic art community led to the New River Artist Cooperative being asked to create three public ceramic art projects for the Parkland Public Art Challenge 2018. The three ceramics in the public art project are a collaboration between the Florida Museum of Natural History and Florida State University, the University of Florida and the city of St. Petersburg.

We are honored that Laurie Marshall kindly submitted this article about the art project we created to Healing Power ART ARTISTS. The art therapy community in South Florida feels the support the community has given us in response to the tragic shooting rampage in Parkland, Florida. An art exhibition mounted at the Florida Museum of Natural History in St. Petersburg, Florida, in honor of the victims and survivors of this tragedy.

We will use the time and resources of our staff to ensure that this project is successful and will take place during the Art Walk in Coral Springs.

I am a fan of art therapy and read about it in Art Therapy Today and feel reminded of the work that art therapists do everywhere every day. They help people heal and can be the first line of defense in the fight against depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Coral Springs Public Art Foundation art therapist and board member Roberto De La Torre has selected a public art advisory group that specializes in working with artists and the community.

One of the projects selected for the Coral Springs Public Art Foundation's "Inspired by" series is a curated series of public art installations created by community members. It will be open to the public for a period of three years, with the possibility of reopening in the future. Another selected project of the group, "inspired by," is the curated series "Coral Springs," a collection of artworks by local artists and artists from around the world designed and created for members of the community.

This project will build on the art therapy program that the museum started immediately after the shooting and build on it to demonstrate what is urgently needed in our community. Shine MSD also offers art classes for those attending Westglades Middle School next door. This project builds on the Museum of Contemporary Art's art therapy program, which in 2013, in response to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, began an art therapy program at its current location that proved to be urgently needed by the community, as well as the need for art and art education for children and families in need.

The Parkland song is an example of how art can produce well - well-rounded students with a positive outlook on life and a sense of purpose. The museum has had this experience with veterans who have been serving for years, and De Forest has paved the way for continuing to use art to heal and harness the power of creativity. Paintings and murals were therapeutic help for students recovering from the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

No matter who brought them to the event, they were welcomed by art therapists, offered art materials, and given food and space for comfort and support to create. More than 350 art and drama students have moved through the museum to make pictures together that are dedicated to love and each other.

A high school student who visited the school a week after the rampage said she felt the school was already safe because parents were active in Parkland. Another New Jersey teacher is the mother of a student who was at the same school as one of the students in the park rampage.

The Park West Foundation is working with De Forest to produce an exhibition of his paintings, which will be on display at the Florida Museum of Art in St. Petersburg, Florida, from September 1 to October 30.

Robinson will exhibit small framed examples of his paintings as well as other artworks from his collection in his art exhibition. He will also give art demonstrations at the Park West Museum of Art every first Saturday of the month from September to October.

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